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title: "Koda: the year of the Tanuki"
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author: Mathieu Nivoliez
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Hello everyone! I am sorry for the delay, but the begining of the year was kind of a rush!
......@@ -17,4 +18,12 @@ But the main main topic here will be "Koda, Kiyomori’s Guardian !".
*"Kiyomori’s Guardian !"* is a game where you control *Koda* the *Tanuki* (a forest spirit), who has to fight the corruption of his home, the forest of *Kiyomori*. It's a 3D plateformer realized with *Unity*.
We are a team of 15 people including graphist, game designer and programmers. We make it in the scope of a school project and we aim to present it at the *Gamagora GameShow* which is organized by our school.
![The Koda's team](images/koda_team.gif)
![The Koda's team](/images/koda_team.gif)
*I am the weird one in the middle*
We got to develop it until end of March and there is a *metric tonne* of task to carry out. I believe we are motivate enough to carry them out.
I few words, stay tuned I shall speak about it again soon.
In the mean time, do not hesite to ask about the project, I cannot promise to answer to everything but I will do my best.
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